Miss American Rose - General Information

Miss American Rose recognizes & rewards girls and women of all ages for their accomplishments through an online and online/mail-in format competition.

Miss American Rose is based primarily on achievements. There are optional competitions in: achievement, academics, talent, community service, career, & beauty (photo or essay).

Miss American Rose is a 100% online/mail-in pageant so there are NO travel or clothing expenses, no worrying about hair and make-up, and no stage fright!

For each city there are titles awarded in each age division for:
City Queen, City Princess, and several optional Princess titles.

The City Queen is awarded to the contestant in each age division with the highest score in the City Princess competition combined with their two highest scores from the optional competitions (one for Teeny & Tiny Miss).

For Miss American Rose Local and State Competitions, there are three different prize packages available; Basic, Award and Trophy. For additional information about Miss American Rose, please click here

All ages are eligible!
Teeny - for girls 0-2 years
Tiny - for girls 3-5 years
Little - for girls 6-9 years
Jr. - for young ladies 10-13 years
Teen - for young ladies 14-17 years
Miss - for ladies 18-22 years
Ms. - for ladies 23 and over

Miss World Rose - General Information

American Rose Pageants proudly presents our 12th annual international competition.
Local and national titles will be awarded for every country with one lucky lady winning our world title!

Miss World Rose is a 100% online/mail-in competition! Enter from anywhere in the world! No need to travel. 
Win a world title without leaving home!

Deadline for entry is: June 20th, 2011
Winners will be announced: July 4th, 2011

There are no preliminary competitions necessary, just send in your entry and you are automatically entered into the competition for your
country's title as well as the world title. All for one low entry fee!
Links to applications are below.

All ages are eligible!

Ages 0-6 Tiny Miss Queen
Ages 7-16 Jr. Miss Queen
Age 17-23 Miss Queen
Age 24 & up Ms. Queen

There are four age divisions for girls and women - that's 4 national titles for each country!

You will be judged in the division appropriate for your age.
(We will not expect as much from
a 7-year-old contestant as a 16-year-old).
Everyone has an equal chance of winning!

Titles are available for EVERY COUNTRY, including the U.S.
You may compete for the title of any country in which you live or are a citizen of (your 1st choice country).

The only girls or women not eligible to compete in this competition are:
current Miss American Rose National Queens.
The Miss World Rose - "Miss U.S. Rose National Queen" may not compete for the same title two years in a row however, Miss World Rose
national queens from any country other than U.S. may compete for the same title each year.

Here's an extra chance to win -
If you are a resident or citizen of more than one country, or if you are at least 25% a certain nationality,
you may list that country as your 2nd choice country for an additional $15.

For example: if you are a U.S. citizen and reside in the U.S. but you are 25% Canadian, on your application the U.S. would be the country you wish to represent. You may choose Canada as a second choice country. If you do not win the U.S. national title, you will be eligible to compete for the
Miss World Rose - "Miss Canada Rose" title.

For additional information about Miss World Rose, please click here


American Rose Prince - General Information
Each season we will choose one or more princes as mascots of 
American Rose Pageants.
For additional information about American Rose Prince, please click here

Miss American Rose - Mother of the Year Contest - General Information
You may nominate any woman you feel deserves this title!
Each nominee will receive a certificate and a small gift.

The winning Mother will receive:
A certificate and plaque proclaiming her -
"Miss American Rose Mother of the Year",
her name and photo on our web site for the year - and - a lovely gift basket!
For additional information about the Mother of the Year contest , please click here

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