Entry Tips

Here are some helpful tips for putting together your
Miss American Rose entry


If you are submitting several pages of materials, it is a good idea to put it into a folder. Binders are cumbersome and should only be used if the entry is very large.


Photos may be any type – professional, amateur, color, black & white, indoor, outdoor, etc. You may submit up to 4 photos for Photogenic/Beauty competitions. If you have one good photo it is better to just enter one. You will be scored on that one photo instead of an average score of all photos submitted. We DO NOT like to see a lot of makeup on young girls. Obvious eye makeup and/or dark lipstick will lower the score for girls under 10. Ages 10 & up should have their makeup tastefully done.

Essays & Answers:

About half a page is a good size for a Teeny or Tiny Miss essay. Just a few sentences won't give us enough information. More than a page probably isn't necessary unless you are adding pictures. A short paragraph is good for most written interview answers. One sentence probably won’t give enough information (except perhaps a Little Miss). On the other hand, the judges don’t want to spend forever reading your entry.


If your talent is something like dancing, baton twirling, cheerleading, etc., it will help your score if you submit a video tape. Talents like those are very hard do judge accurately without being able to see them. You may submit whatever you like for talent. Past contestants have entered baking, running, sewing, poetry, photography, scrapbooking, needlework, cheerleading, sign language, and many more! Only once have we asked a contestant to find a different talent.


More information is better here. You only have to submit one report card. However, several report cards, a transcript, national test scores, etc. can help your scores.

Community Service:

It is best to include what you did, when you did it, and approximately how many hours you spent.


It is best to include information on how you chose your career
and what you have accomplished since then.

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