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Miss American Rose recognizes & rewards girls and women of all ages for their accomplishments through an online and online/mail-in format competition

Miss American Rose is based primarily on achievements. There are optional competitions in: achievement, academics, talent, community service, career, & beauty (photo or essay).

Miss American Rose is a 100% online/mail-in pageant so there are NO travel or clothing expenses, no worrying about hair and make-up, and no stage fright!

For each city there are titles awarded in each age division for:
City Queen, City Princess, and several optional Princess titles

The City Queen is awarded to the contestant in each age division with the highest score in the City Princess competition combined with their two highest scores from the optional competitions (one for Teeny & Tiny Miss)
After your local competition you will have the option of continuing onto state competition

There are three different prize packages available; Basic, Award and Trophy.

Certificate in holder, banner & rhinestone crown pin
Certificate in holder, banner, rhinestone crown pin. Plaque for city Queen/Princess and a medal for each optional.
Certificate in holder, banner, rhinestone crown pin. Trophy for city Queen/Princess and a smaller trophy for each optional.
Miss American Rose Local basic prizes
Miss American Rose Local award prizes
Miss American Rose Local trophy prizes
Local competitors may add a tiara at time of application for an additional fee.


We also have a national competition for those that wish to continue on after State Competition

For information about State and National prizes, CLICK HERE


Local entry fees start at only $24* and optionals start at $5* each.
(*basic entry is $24 with $5 optionals, award and trophy packages are $39 with $10 optionals)

Use your title how you wish. It can just be something to add to a resume, or you can use your title to make public appearances, present a platform, and more.

Miss American Rose is the most respected and largest online/mail-in pageant in the country, giving out more prizes than any other system like it.

Will you be the next member of our royal Family?

If you would like more information on becoming a member of our royal family, CLICK HERE to see an application and optionals information for your age division!

For additional information, see our Additional Information & FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

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