The Princess Project

Giving Challenged Girls the Attitude of a Princess
Founded by Elizabeth and Marian Weyer - April 2002

Princess Project web site:

The Princess Project honors girls who face challenges with a Princess party, complete with a tiara. The
Project works with girls faced with physical or mental handicaps, serious illness or injury, abuse, homelessness, or grief.

Elizabeth Weyer (Miss American Rose National Supreme Queen 2002) and her mother, Marian, salute the Miss
American Rose Pageant, and director Lynanne White, for an outstanding chapter of The Princess Project.

American Rose Royalty having hosted a party:
Ginny Masterani & Alyssa Bragg
Karley & Lisa MacMillan
Elizabeth & Marian Weyer
Kendra Strickland
Reianna DeSimone
Emalee Nazarino
Carolyn Timmons
Christina Baker

Princess Project party guidelines:

1.Arrange details beforehand with parents (and medical
staff if applicable).

2. Include a real tiara. You can purchase it yourself
or ask for donations of tiaras.

3.Include Princess themed decorations and treats. You
can purchase them or make them yourself. Frosted ice
cream cones make great castle towers for cakes. Wide
ribbon and glitter paint make a nice sash. Felt or
foam can be decorated for a door hanger. Be creative
and you can do things cheaply!

4.Include a Princess themed book. We like "A Little
Princess" but many other Princess stories focus on the
strength, courage, kindness, and untimate triumph of a

5.Give a certificate which reads: "The Princess
Project proclaims (child's name) to be a true Princess
of the realm in honor of her (list one or more
positive qualities such as courage, cheerfulness,
cooperation, great smiles, kindness toward others,
willingness to try, loveableness...)

6.Keep it positive! Focus on fun--not on problems!
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