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A few testimonials and notes about Miss American Rose Pageants

MAR is what is SO right about pageantry! You are inspiring young ladies (and gents) everywhere to become the best people they can be and I think YOU are to be commended!! I know we are so grateful for you and that we found MAR!! ~ S.M.

She LOVES everything!!! It was so cute, she was almost speechless! All she could get out of herself initially was "OH HO HO HO OH!!!!" She was squealing in delight and how excited she was when she saw the crown, sash. She was almost trembling as she put on the crown and sash and looked in the mirror! She was SO HAPPY!! ~ C.D.

I LOVE Miss American Rose, and honestly believe it is the best, most well-organized pageant (internet, online/mail-in, or live). You award women and girls for more than their looks; for their talents, scholastic achievements, etc. ~ G.M.

Prize package arrived today! It's fabulous!!! ~ S.S.

I love what you do and admire you so. You give so many people the strength and the will power to go into the world and to help and love other people. May God bless you for all you do. You will have many crowns in heaven. ~ P.S.

We have had such a fun experience and the best part about it is the "no pressure" feel. You can do as little or as much with your title as your time allows. It allows young girls to be young girls (no airbrush tanning or over-glitzed faces or outfits), yet it recognizes them for their achievements, service to the community, talents, and accomplishments. ~ M.R.

I received my prize package today...So much better than I anticipated!!! The box was majorly damaged during shipping so I was expecting SOMETHING if not everything to be broken however, you did an awesome job protecting everything...It was all perfect!!! ~ E.S.

Oh my gosh! She just received her crown and sash. They are beautiful! Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw the box and all of our excitement grew as she slowly opened the lid to reveal each item. Thank you so much for helping her feel like she is just one of the girls. She has a pretty bad form of arthritis, that is the reason she volunteers so much, to give to others. Some days she is unable to walk and being a part of the MAR family has been so good for her. Thank you! ~ B.B

I so greatly appreciate it! We are so honored to be associated with such a wonderful organization and hope to be for many years!!!! ~ G.F.

My daughter is nine years old. She started with Miss American Rose when she was seven. She has been doing live pageants and charity online/mail-in pageants, too. I can say that she has learned from all of them. Joining Miss American Rose has particularly helped her writing ability. She did her winning essay for Miss American Rose in three days. She has also been writing to prospective sponsors of her projects. (Of course, she had been calling them for follow ups, too). She used to love reading and did not like writing that much. After her experience with Miss American Rose, she improved her writing ability. She was given an award for most creative writing. Now I'm putting up a book on her writings to be added to her donation box for some other kids to enjoy. By the way, a great legacy she got from Miss American Rose pageants is the starting of her charity projects. It has grown huge. It's a lot of work but it is a delight to think that others are being helped and made happy. Most of all, I hope that she will have that spirit of compassion through her life.- M.E.

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you invest in Miss American Rose. Thank you for recognizing our daughter for her accomplishments. She will have several wonderful mementos of her pre-teen years and the trophies and state queen banner will be among them. She enjoyed the experience and will most likely enter again next year. Thanks again for making one young lady feel very special. ~ B Y.

I can't thank you enough for all the great things and experiences the MAR pageant has brought into my life. I am so glad to be a part of this great pageant family. Thanks again! ~ K.S.

It has done wonders for my self-esteem. I care more than ever about how I look. And not in a vain way. I just take better care of myself, and I try to look my best, as I represent this system and want to put my best face forward on behalf of my MAR family. Life has thrown me some real curve balls (it does that to us all!), but the boost I have gotten from MAR makes it easier to deal with. ~ K. G.

I am so proud that my daughter is a part of such a wonderful group of talented ladies. You set a standard for pageants that is unmatched. I am proud to say that my daughter is a member of such a special family. Thank you all. ~ K.M.

Thank-you for your wonderful recognition of our young ladies. ~ A.M.

I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful pageant program. My daughter is so proud of her trophy. She has it in her room so everyone can see it. Your program is a great way to build confidence by recognizing deserving ladies of all ages. ~ S.J.

Oh my, I have no idea how to express how happy I am, thank you so much! I am too excited, this is great because it was a dream of mine since I was young and this is going to be a wonderful experience!! ~ K.

You are soooo awesome! You are absolutely the best! THANK YOU! ~ P.S.

The awards are so beautiful! The pictures on the website show beautiful prizes but to actually see them in person, wow! Looking forward to more participation with Miss American Rose! Thank you so much! ~ S.C.

WOW! We got our prize boxes yesterday, and WOW is all I can say! You have really outdone yourself! I wasn't expecting anything that grand! Thank you so much for our prizes, we are very honored for all you have done for us! Thanks again, for everything!!!! ~ C.R.

Since becoming local Miss American Rose Royalty in 2005, my daughter has grown so much in her self esteem. She was a painfully shy child. Since having the opportunity to do community service, parades and other appearances, she has blossomed! She is passionate about helping others. Miss American Rose Pageants made that possible by judging her on who she is and not just her beauty. ~ D N.

We received the prize box today! We are VERY impressed with everything! The dress is just stunning and fits perfectly, as well as the shirt! I LOVE the trophy and the plaque as well and am so happy I got these AMAZING prizes! Thank you very much and we enjoyed the pageant very, very, very much thank you very much! We will defiantly be telling all of our friends about how great the pageant was thank you very, very much have a GREAT day :) ~ H.F.

Received my prizes and they’re GORGEOUS. Oh my goodness everything is so beautiful!

I’m so humbled and honored to be one of your new royalty. Thank you so much and please forward my thanks to the judges. ~ S.C.

Hi, She got her prize box yesterday and is SO happy!! When we opened the box she said "Finally, all of my dreams have come true"!! ~ B.S.

The coronation was perfect!! There was one little girl there that kept looking at me as though I had stepped out of a fairy tale book! You were right about them being awestruck. My family especially my mom were so proud. Thank you Lynanne, you are beautiful! No one could put a program together like this and not be a beautiful person ~ T.K.

My daughter has participated and helped with many worthwhile community events and has represented the title with dignity and pride. From attending parades, fundraising for animal related causes and performing at local elementary schools and donating books to their libraries she has kept extremely busy. I am very proud of my daughter not only for all of her many accomplishments but also for the compassionate and caring young lady that she has grown up to be. You are to be commended for the part you play in guiding numerous young women in that direction! Thanks again!! ~ J.R.

Hi! I have enjoyed it very much. I'm so glad I got the chance to be a part of the MAR family and I am grateful to you for being so wonderful! ~ T.R.

This is the most amazing pageant system, I truly cannot thank you enough for what you do. Even with fighting the cancer, I am having a blast, and truly look forward to every day as a Queen. ~ K.G.

You deserve to hear what a wonderful job you are doing. We will not be doing pageants for awhile except for Miss American Rose which awards girls for achievements which is really wonderful. Thanks for allowing us to be apart of the MAR family ~ J.D.

I wanted to tell you that you have brought excitement and joy into our family this morning. I want to thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. Your pageant system is the only way we could live here in the great USA and for her to represent her other country, at the same time. You have taken a big part in helping our children in their lives, because what we do with the titles they win is give back to others. They are always having fun as the king or queen, but at the same time we are teaching them to reach out and help those who need help. almost missionary work really, plus community service. Again, thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity! May God bless you in every way! ~ A.K.

Thank you for all the little things that you did to make it special for her. I really have never been in a pageant like this before. I am telling everyone I know with little girls all about it! ~ K.G. 

Thank you so much for ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!! And all of that hard work for YEARS RUNNING! You deserve a medal! I wanted you to know that the amount of work you put into this with such love and care has not gone unnoticed! ~ J.D.

Thank you, Lynanne, for being one of her biggest cheerleaders and role models. She loves you and your pageant, and credits you with expanding her vision to start her own mentor program. You share with us in all of this and we are so thankful to have you as a part of our lives. It makes every success and achievement that much sweeter!!! ~ S.

I just wanted to let you know I received my prizes today. Thank you! I also wanted to say I love the new banners! They are beautiful! Thanks again for running a great pageant! I think its a great thing you do! ~ A.P.

We just received her prize box yesterday and all I can say is WOW! Even though I knew what was coming I was still amazed when we opened her package. The quantity and quality of everything and the care with which it was all packed was great. We are thrilled to be part of this pageant system! ~ J.L.

I received the prize package today and just wanted to tell you I am very pleased! Very tasteful and beautifully packaged. The prizes are gorgeous and I am very happy with the quality of the certificates too! ~ R. D.

Just a short note to say " Thank You". The prize package is amazing. My daughter is so proud and loves the awards. The crown, trophies, sash and certificates are beautiful. We love your pageant and look forward to participating in the future. ~ J.M.

Thank you for her win!! She will have this to look back on when she gets older and it will be a memory of what she can accomplish. Thanks again! ~ M.S.

Its awesome to be national royalty! I am grateful for your help, how you encouraged me each and every step of the way, and helped me keep a positive attitude. I want to take the time to say thank you; for being such a wonderful director!! ~ J.C.

I am so happy with the results of the contest. I have really enjoyed this whole experience and I look forward to representing my title. I really admire how much work and dedication you put into this pageant. :) So, once again, Thank you. ~ L.H.

I wanted to let you know that the prize boxes were BEAUTIFUL! I just love the smell and the packaging of everything. What a wonderful box! They are such beautiful items! Thanks again! ~ B.H.

Thank you! I think this pageant is so wonderful. It truly allows people to be judged on their accomplishments not just their ability to wear a swim suit. Thank you producing such a wonderful pageant. ~ S.H.

Thank you very much! You have a great program that I am proud to be part of it! ~ N.W.

She was very happy about her scores and the certificates, as well as hugging all of her trophies! She tried on her crown and sash right away and ran to a mirror. She LOVED the lil' pink rose scented flower that you sent too, welcoming her to the Miss American Rose Family! I was amazed by how much work was put into making all of her pins and certificates, you work hard!! The sash looks great too! Thank you SO much for all of your obvious effort, we wanted you to know that it has not gone unnoticed! You made our day! So, thank you so much for all of your hard work!~ J.D.

WOW, I am so excited, thank you, thank you so much, I just receive my package, and I am blown away. Again, thank you so much, I will make you proud. ~ T.G.

This is just an awesome pageant! More power to Lynanne! ~ L.E.

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