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Golden Rose Ambassador Program!
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Royalty Tips
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Prince Competition
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Secret Sisters
Have fun as a Miss American Rose secret sister! There are no fees for this program. Simply sign up by e-mailing me your info (name, address, e-mail, birthday, favorite color, hobbies, activities, etc.) Your info will be forwarded to a Miss American Rose Secret Sister. She will send you e-mails, cards, small gifts, etc. Someone else's info will be forwarded to you, then you will send surprises to that secret sister! As long as you promise to participate it works wonderfully.  We try to match participants with other royal family members in their age division.
Just send an e-mail to with "secret sisters" in the subject line. Include all your info to be forwarded to your secret sister (name, address, e-mail, birthday, favorite color, activities, etc.)

Tiara Cases for sale!
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Miss American Rose Day - October 20th!
October 20th is Miss American Rose Day (listed in Chase's Calendar of Events).
We ask everyone who would like to participate to do a community service project or random acts of kindness on Oct. 20th
(or sometime that week if you can't do it on the 20th). Don't forget to write and tell us what you did. We like to give out gifts to those that do the most. 

Congratulations to Veronica Windsor!
She has added Golden Rose Ambassador to her 
National Ambassador and Goodwill Ambassador titles!

Mother of the Year Contest Info

Maribel & Rosa
Miss American Rose sponsors two children through Children International, 
Maribel from Guatemala & Rosa from the Dominican Republic
Please see Maribel & Rosa's page for more information
 It costs $50 per month to sponsor the girls, $100 for their birthdays. This money goes to buy things for them or their families (we have helped purchase furniture for Maribel's family). We ask our royalty to do what they can to help out. You can donate to Maribel and Rosa yourself, or hold a fundraiser, and send in the money you collect. You may do anything from a car wash, bake sale, garage sale, or anything else you like.   You can send money through PayPal account or through the mail. You may donate at any time.
I encourage you to see Maribel & Rosa's page (link above) and learn more about them. You can make a difference! 

Click here to go to Maribel & Rosa's page
(our sponsorchildren through Children International)
We are sorry to say that we have heard from Children International that Rosa's family has not been heard from. We pray that they moved on to better opportunities, and have not become victims of the natural disasters in the area. 
We are glad to be able to continue to help Maribel & her family. 


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Royalty sponsored community service projects!

e-mail me if you would like to add a project

Want to help with MAR community service projects but don't have extra time. Make a donation here. We support many worthy projects.

2010 local banners

MAR Chat Board
We are keeping the chat board open for those that want to use it, but we now recommend Facebook for keeping in touch.

This is a great way to keep in touch and learn what is going on with the MAR family!
You are urged to join in order to be the first to have all our updates.
The board is moderated. There are no non-MAR ads or negative material allowed.

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