Our sponsorchildren through Children International
Maribel of Guatemala & Rosa of the Dominican Republic

Donations for Maribel & Rosa may be sent to
Miss American Rose
19689 7th Ave. NE, PMB 323
Poulsbo, WA  98370

Or sent to PayPal account miss@americanrose.com

Maribel is our Guatemalan sponsorchild.
She is sponsored by Miss American Rose through Children International.
Maribel lives with her family (mother, father, sister, and two brothers) in a corrugated metal one-room home with a dirt  floor. Maribel's father is an office worker and makes $131 (US) per month. Her birthday is on Miss American Rose Day (October 20th). Her favorite subject in school is math. She enjoys dancing and playing with dolls. She sends her "thanks with all her heart, a strong hug and a kiss."

Rosa is our Dominican Republic sponsorchild.
She is sponsored by Miss American Rose through Children International.
Rosa's father has abandoned the family (Rosa, her mother, brother, and sister). Her favorite subjects in school are math, science, and wriging. Rosa likes to play with dolls, sing, dance, draw,  and help at home by mopping and washing clothes. She lives in a concrete block wall home with a corrugated metal roof and concrete floor.
She enjoys school and enjoys learning to read and write.

Photos of Maribel


Photos of Rosa



Miss American Rose Royalty gifts to Maribel

Gifts sent to Maribel by Miss American Rose Royal Family Members  
Furniture bought for Maribel and her family by donations from the Miss American Rose Royal Family  
Maribel with the bunk bed that was bought with the money we sent for her birthday  
A picture drawn for us by Maribel  

Miss American Rose Royalty gifts to Rosa

Rosa with the food and clothes her family bought with the birthday money we sent her  
A picture to us from Rosa  
Roses Rosa drew for us!  



2002 - We also sent both girls $100 for their birthdays and $25 for Christmas. Rosa's family bought groceries, new clothes and a backpack for Rosa for her birthday. For Christmas Rosa received more clothes. Maribel recieved a toy, new shoes, and a party for Christmas. For her birthday she received a bunk bed, new underwear, and a few food items.


2003 - Rosa received new clothes with her birthday money this year.



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